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In the 1740s, French women made it their business to be a show-stopper. In fact, many of the dresses that are still popular today, like the ‘flapper gown’ and the ‘magnificent skirt’ could be traced back to the dress of the time.

‘Flapper dress’ is an example of an early flapper skirt

In 1745, a woman named Anna Korte was selling flapper dresses online to other European women. The dress, known simply as the ‘flapper dress’ was made from three layers of pleats and fabric. The first layer had a single row of pleats arranged in rows and then joined together. This allowed the skirt to flutter in the wind. It was the next layer of pleats that added extra weight and made the dress a little more complicated to pull off.
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A flapper’s skirt today is very different, with much more complicated layers

In 1750, the famous seamstress Agnes de Clermont had a new idea. The woman from Paris began sewing more complicated layers of pleats. The result was the invention of the flapper skirt, which was not only more complicated to pull off but also covered some of the gaps left by the pleats.

‘Invented it’ refers to the first flapper skirt. In the early 1800s, flappers were mainly girls who had never worn trousers

Although the flapper skirt may look more complex than other, it still works because of pleats and holes in the layers (picture above)

The term ‘invented it’ refers to the fact that flappers were originally girls who had never worn trousers, but who would later start wearing a dress. By 1753, two years after the invention was first popularised, flapper dresses were popular all over Europe. There are still flapper skirts today.

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