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1790: It was worn by a man by the name of John Adams.

1855: We had to use a red band, because the old red and yellow band had got into the water.

1920: The red and yellow stripes in it had got into the water.

1938: We had to get a new dress on because they had got some red paint in it.

1972: It was the dress on the moon.

The Red Flag

The red flag was worn for more than sixty years. By the time of the Spanish Armada of 1709, when English, French and Dutch were all in naval conflict, the flag was a symbol of British power and independence.

During the Second World War some flags continued to feature the red/yellow striped stripes even while the red, white and blue colors were the main colors.

In the end, both sides adopted the red flag because it was more patriotic (more in line with British ideals) and because it kept their flag in use.

The red flag has been used in Australia as a standard since 1945.

The New York State Flag

After British colonizers took over the island in 1765, a New York State law required citizens to fly their state flag. The flag was then placed on the Statehouse dome (the top of a brick wall) in 1777.

On October 11, 1777, the Flag Law (Chapter 4) was passed. This law required citizens to display the flag on the dome.

Starting on March 9, 1778, the flag and law were rewritten. The law allowed the flag to remain on the dome after the law was passed.

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On May 19, 1778, the American colonies were granted statehood. The new state flag was flown in public displays until November 1, 1781, when the National Flag Act made it illegal for citizens to fly a State Flag or State-Flags-At-Home on public buildings and in state buildings.

In April of 1826 the Flag Law was changed to allow citizens to fly the standard on Sundays and public holidays. This law was repealed January 27, 1830. Since the American colonists used a red background (red is the principal color and yellow is secondary) rather than a blue background, the flag flew on Sunday only.

On September 16, 1851, the law changed again. Now a red background was allowed and a blue background was still banned.


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