What year was the flapper dress? – 1920S Cape Dress

The date was 12/10/1876.

Won the Flapper Dress on a Horse Race

I do remember winning a flapper dress on December 10th, 1876 – in the horse race with my father and grandfather, a great race, my grandfather won the race in 8 minutes and 2 seconds. I have the picture of the race from that time and some of my pictures of the time so I cannot tell if I won the dress or if the dress was thrown away.

I don’t remember what the dress was called. The flapper dress was quite popular back then and it had a bow on the back which I had seen.

Where can I find the dress?

It’s on display in the Flapper Dress Hall in the South Hall of the University of Kansas. The Kansas Historical Society in Kansas City provides information and documents there.

If you are not sure where to find it, go to our Flapper Dress page for general information.

Where is ‘The Blue Hole’ museum located?

Click here for more information about our Blue Hole Museum, located in the area of the original Blue Hole, and which is operated and maintained by Kansas History Connection.

What is Kansas State Flapper dress #1?

This was a special flapper dress that was hand made and designed by the Wichita State flappers and is very special. The Wichita State flappers were very popular in the late 1800’s. These were dresses made by the flappers from the Wichita area for special occasions like weddings, etc. They were not very expensive to make and were very popular during the 1880s and 1890’s.

Kansas Flapper Dress #1 was worn by Kansas State football stars. It was also made in both white and cream color and with a ribbon on the back.

Did the Kansas flapper dress number 1 show up in the Kansas State Museum?

Yes, Kansas City State Museum on the east side of the University of Kansas was listed in The Sporting News Magazine on January 5, 1894.

Kansas Flapper Dress #2 on display at Kansas State Museum

Here’s another picture of the special Wichita State Flapper Dress on display in the Sporting News at Kansas State in 1894.

Did you know that the Wichita State flapper dress has an old name?

Yes, it did, ‘The Little Lady.’

Kansas State flapper dress #3 on display at Kansas State Museum


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