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There was much debate about the meaning of this image. One school of thought thought that it represented people wearing their best walking shoes. Another school of thought thought it was a representation of men’s best walking shoes and those women were in heels. For the first time, someone was showing off their shoes. But some people saw this as a woman’s look and others said it was the first time women were showing off their walkers in public. And that’s the reason why we have so much emphasis when we’re talking about this image.

I didn’t notice this shoe type before but I’m assuming it’s a very classic version of that design.

Yeah, this style of shoe was used for many years. As you said, shoes were really considered to be a symbol of beauty and femininity at that time. And so they were meant to look like heels and the length of your heels really helped them to look really chic.

What style did the men in the picture wear?

The men wear black and brown shoes. When we look at the men, we see many different types of shoes here. There’s a white pair that has a big ring on the toe. It’s very stylish and modern. But there’s another pair with an ugly toe. Maybe it’s the last day of that week. It’s like a time capsule for an old-fashioned shoe. It’s not meant to be worn for the first time, a new shoe. It’s meant to look as if you’ve worn it at least once, or maybe a few times since you had that shoe.

Did you have a chance to see this image for yourself?

Yes, we did. We went to the museum there. It wasn’t hard to find, especially if you went there at the right time for the right time. It’s located on Rikers Island, so there’s a lot of tourists and people doing their vacation shopping.

Do you notice any specific differences between these men and the famous black and color shoes we know so well today?

I think that the black shoes are very much associated with the past. And that means they’re not the ones that women wore then and not the ones that men wore in the present.

Do you believe that these black and brown shoes represented something as much as the idea of a good pair of shoes in the 1920s?

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I don’t think this proves anything about the influence of the past. At the very least, we can say

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