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Why do some women keep their toes in their shoes as they walk, while others never do?

The answers to these questions have a surprising connection, according to a study recently published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: General.

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“The study shows that women wear shoes that make their upper feet more visible and more visible to men—not because men are looking at the women’s feet, but because they are, and men want to know which is which,” says study co-author Pauline Schopper, a psychologist and professor of marketing, advertising, and public relations at North Carolina State University.

In her research, Schopper, author of Understanding Women and Gender: When Women and Men Come Together, and senior analyst in the lab of associate professor of marketing, advertising and public relations Tom Schopper, used three years of the U.S. Census’ American Community Survey, as well as the University of North Carolina’s Behavioral and Cognitive Neurosciences Institute, to collect information about how men and women use shoes in everyday life, and how wearing shoes affects men or women’s sense of self.

“It’s been known for a long time that women wear heels to make themselves look taller,” Schopper says. “But wearing shoes is one of the ways that people show women off. Women also wear shoes to protect themselves—the more they wear them, the more they will walk around in them.”

Schopper and Schopper found that the most visible and invisible shoes were those made with leather. Leather shoes, with high heels and small to medium heels, were seen as feminine while shoes made of wood or bamboo were more masculine and more often worn by men.

The research team also took into account other potential factors that influence how men think and behave. Women, they found, wear more than men do when they have to walk into a room with other guests. This “walk-through effect” was found across cultures, including those in North America. Women also had to walk down stairs and through hallways more, and wear shoes with a wide heel or wide-toed shoes while wearing skirts and skirts to make themselves appear more feminine.

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The researchers also looked at the way men behave when they have to walk in women wearing shoes that are more feminine than their own. The most popular shoes that a group of college-age men wore were usually sneakers and were worn in the

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