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From the beginning there was competition for women’s attention, and not just on the street. The courts were filled with rich, fashionable flapper girls who earned many pounds of silver from visiting dressmakers; but they also found themselves competing with those who paid less for their wares. When the French Revolution broke out and the king’s ministers declared the dress of the flapper’s dress “inimical to the welfare and safety of the young people” the government outlawed it. But that didn’t stop the French from fashioning their own, and by 1806 they were offering the same price as their French counterpart. So the rich ladies didn’t just take their wares from the French, they stole them too—and the people they stole it from went on to dress themselves in their own version.

Some of the best-known flappers were the beautiful, often elegant and fashionable ladies of London’s East End, including Mrs Mary Wood’s “Lady Anne,” Anne Hepburn, Lady Dora, Mary Ann Jones, Miss Anne Chittenden, Miss Edith Stoddart and Mrs Margaret Trenchard. The flap-jacket style proved to be so popular that the very next year, 1807, the city council ordered that the most popular style be banned from sale; that was not without some controversy, however, because many of the women who took part in the protests were, in effect, flappers themselves.

The East End women’s fashion became the perfect symbol of the power struggles that were beginning to engulf society at large. By the 1870s they were so popular that in the new year of 1876, they were given a permanent home.

The flapper-style fashion then became very popular, and, according to one historian, “it has had a long life without a parallel.” And it continues to influence both women’s fashion and the fashion world in general.

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