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In an age where jewelry was a means for both showing your wealth and keeping your friends at a distance, the flapper look was an effective disguise. During the American Revolution, women started wearing their hair in braids. This led to the rise of the British style of the head-dress.

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What about the other types of jewelry?

The earrings and rings on flapper styles were often made of ivory—an old method of creating money.

Flappers had many hairstyles, which also contributed to the popular image of flappers as giddy larks.

Did flappers ever wear tights?

During periods of travel, flappers sometimes wore loose-fitting dresses with lace around the waist and ankle and sometimes had a lace upper half.

Did flappers wear headdress and earrings in some form?

Flappers also wore jewelry in their dresses, though jewelry on their backs was rarely seen. It seems like many flappers did not wear headdress because of its uncomfortable appearance.

Are all flappers from the 19th century the same?

This is a misconception. The flappers in 1820 from New York to New Orleans and around the world are different than the ones currently flapping their wings in the wings.

There were women flappers from all over the United States, including the New Amsterdam ladies in New England, and flappers from the South, including Florins at Ft. Lauderdale.

Flappers dressed much more than they fly, but some had elaborate costumes. It is believed that many flappers had more than one costume, but that a woman could only be in several on a week-long tour.

These women travelled in their flappers without being able to sleep during their travels. Flapping was not a very comfortable time. These women usually had to work in the fields or in some other area during this time.

There are some female flappers today. Some, however, are wearing headdresses that resemble the headdresses worn by flappers.

Which was most likely the most popular kind of jewelry?

Flappers and flappers in general are famous for their jewelry. Jewelry was a very popular mode of transport for the flappers in the 19th century.

Jewelry was more than just a means for showing your wealth. It was a way to keep people looking away from you and to keep them distracted from your life. While the jewelry in this photo has

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