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Marrcelle is the original brand, so naturally it is made in Portugal. However, it can’t be sold in the UK and the brand is now called Marcelled, it is made in France.

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Marrcelle hair, by Marcelled Hair, Made in Portugal

In a recent paper appearing in the journal Biological Conservation of Plants, researchers at North Carolina State University explain some startling and surprising findings related to how some of the most charismatic fish inhabit the sea. The results show that, despite some species being abundant and certain coastal areas abundant in fish, there is a considerable amount of variation in the presence of certain fish species, with some areas seeing much higher fish populations than others.

The paper’s lead authors, Kevin R. Littmann and Paul Ciechanowski from NC State and James J. Dankers in the U.S. Department of Commerce, write:
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“Most of North America is a freshwater lake environment. However, there are places, many of which are near estuaries or lakes, especially freshwater lakes, that are still heavily wooded. These places are often considered to be less productive and more exposed to the potential impact of anthropogenic threats (beach development, land clearing, invasive species).”

In order to examine the extent of this difference in fish density, they developed an index that takes into account changes in the amount of forest in the area, including forests that were cleared, harvested or felled for human activity.

They then compared the results of these surveys to the abundance of the top 10 fish species that they had studied to identify the most abundant fish species in these areas. They focused their study on the top 10 freshwater species and their distribution from lakes and the watershed that surrounds them; there were nine freshwater species, which were:

Coral trout, Green trout, Pacific whitefish, River rainbow trout, Coho trout, Goldnose trout, King trout, Red snapper, Yellowtail, Bluegill, and Green sole.

In each study area, they did a separate survey of the area, then looked to see how fish were distributed in those areas compared to the distribution in other areas. Here are the results for each of the surveyed fish species according to the study areas:

The green sole was the least abundant fish in North Carolina

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