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It’s a dress.

You’re a great guy.

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When the American people decided on November 29, 2016, to reject the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Citizens United case and to approve President-elect Donald J. Trump’s nominee, Judge Neil Gorsuch, the decision was not unanimous. But in light of a remarkable shift in the Democratic stance on this issue, a number of Senate Democrats are backing away from their support for it.

After a series of hearings with Gorsuch, Democrats now concede that he has their votes and the party should focus instead on what is best for them. But they are looking at Gorsuch’s record and see his views on abortion law, for example, as more likely to undermine protections for young people. And some of them, such as Joe Manchin of West Virginia, have said that the next Supreme Court vacancy might not be filled after all.

But they are going to be hard-pressed to convince the more ideological Democrats that keeping President Obama’s health care reform law would be a good idea — at least in the first few years before the health care system is overhauled. They know that conservatives will oppose repeal of the law with equal vigor, and the fact that Mr. Obama was elected and reelected twice as Democratic president will probably come back to haunt them on this issue.

So on Wednesday, Mr. Sanders endorsed his party’s nominee and sent several people on a “listening tour” to senators asking them whether they should seek another Supreme Court vacancy when the current president — with Republican approval — can nominate someone to fill it.
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“I think it’s a good question for us to revisit,” Senator Patrick J. Leahy, Democrat of Vermont, said, adding that Mr. Sanders had assured him in private that he and Republicans were “entirely comfortable” with Mr. Obama’s appointment when the Republicans controlled both the Senate and the presidency.

As the presidential campaign wraps up and the Republican and Democratic conventions approach — and the general election campaign continues — let’s look beyond the primary election results and look at what they tell us about the general election. The election has been dominated for eight weeks by the economy—which is obviously a key issue to voters. A candidate’s success or failure to win is, therefore, of importance to his or her candidacy. The election is not just about getting elected but, in a general election, about who can get things done that get people out of their own way

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