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The “petting parties” (Pet-Party-en-Dans-Lager) or “petting parties held for their pet” were an American social club that held their first date in 1921. They were organized out of the necessity of the women’s club members to be present at many social functions that the female members of their group would have none of. There were no girls on the first date as it was considered awkward to have an open romance. The social club’s goal was to ensure that they all attended all their social functions. Women were encouraged to participate, but the first date took place in a hotel in Chicago, according to the “Pet-Party-en-Dans”, by the New York Times, in 1927.

The American women’s club membership is about 60 per cent Caucasian, with some Asian and Puerto Rican women. The petting parties were held when the women were all together when they were not at their most social activities, and the date was made so that the women could all be there because of the social obligations.

If the idea of having a romantic dinner date has been taboo to the majority of women and to men in this day, then this was in order to facilitate the relationship between these couples. The women of the social club had very little knowledge of each other when the date was first set and this was so in their youth as well. The men in this club were often very new to the social club and the first date was a very important occasion that the men were willing to meet and enjoy with the women.

The petting parties continued well into the 30s and 40s, though it was not uncommon when they did get too much out of the women that they took breaks from the date to go to social functions or the home.

There were many “petting parties” in New York City, but one of the first ones with a purpose was held at the Old Bank of the United States. This bank has since been moved but you can still find petting parties there, as well.

Is this type of date still happening these days?
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Petting Parties (Pet-Party-en-Dans-Lager) or “petting parties held for their pet” have become very popular, as couples are more open to having a date than ever before. Petting Parties (Pet-Party-en-Dans-Lager) are often held by two couples with a common friend who have a very special relationship. There

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