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Petting parties were held at the New York Athletic Club, which first opened in 1925. According to the New York Times, petting parties in the 1920s were “a simple social event held just to have fun but for the girls and girls’s clubs to get together after the game.”

What’s a petting party without a few girls and one good old man?

“You can’t have a party without some man to keep the ladies on the ball,” one girl in the 1920s explained. “You can’t have a party unless you have a guy in the stands.”

The New York Times reported that petting parties were “also a form of flirtation between young women.”
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The most frequent attendees in petting parties in the 1920s was probably the “bad girl,” a prostitute. In those days, prostitutes used to take their clients to a “petting” party.

Petting in the 1920s was also a way for poor women to feel better about themselves, according to an article in the National Review.

“In those days men didn’t have to feel sorry for a woman who just wanted a drink — she could just go out and have a good time,” according to that article.

This is the story of how the most successful, talented and most respected women’s basketball players in the world started their professional careers by simply hanging out with the most popular men’s basketball players of their time. The ultimate in high school basketball.

There is only one thing that can fix a broken relationship: A good old fashioned fight. And that’s exactly what happened on Saturday morning when the Toronto Raptors got locked out by the Memphis Grizzlies in what has been a long and difficult lockout.

After an hour on the job and no end in sight to the negotiations, Raptors team owner Rob Ford stepped outside to confront the players in a tense press conference.

“I said this morning, I’m proud of our players, I really am,” Rob Ford told the media following the lockout that began at 2 a.m. ET and was going until 9 p.m. ET Saturday night. “Tonight, I said that I’d rather not have this conversation, to be honest. Because obviously these are tough times for our players and our fans to watch, but I can promise you that if we had this dialogue yesterday, it would have been a better outcome for everyone.”

Ford said that, despite playing without a team this entire season, he is still hoping for

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