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A theme is an overall look or feel to a particular scene in a novel or picture book, or, more specifically, an overall theme for a novel. If I’m writing a novel about a certain time in the history of the world and the characters are a bunch of millionaires, I might write about the money. Similarly, if I’m writing a book about a certain character, I might write about how he or she gets there. Or about a time period, a place, or a character. If you think the theme of your book is about a theme, and your novel isn’t about a specific theme, it might not be called a Gatsby theme, but it’s a Gatsby theme.

A Gatsby theme would be one of a number of things, from the title to the first page. A Gatsby theme could be anything from a character’s voice to a theme tune to something else. For example, the Gatsby story is one of several books about a wealthy New York family, but this type of theme could be a theme for more than just that novel.

Do I have to use a Gatsby theme in a book?

No. You could even take a picture book and write about the Gatsby theme without any real idea of how it would fit into the story. Maybe you think that the Gatsby theme is the name of a character or an experience, or something you might remember from a childhood friend’s book. All that’s necessary is that you think about it at the beginning, like so: “What is the Gatsby theme?”

It could be that your character in the picture book is a billionaire, like Thomas, the narrator from the novel. In that case, there’s nothing wrong with writing about some theme that’s specific to Thomas, even though it doesn’t apply to any character in the book who isn’t wealthy.

On the other hand, the theme in the picture book may be more abstract, like Thomas and his family living in the country or the weather.

How do I decide what to include?

For this question, you’ll need to think of something that is specific to you or something else that is specific to Gatsby. For example, you would want to include the movie in Gatsby; you’d probably want to include Thomas’ favorite restaurant; the music you love; the theme of the room or setting; or the book’s title.

How about the

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