What is a flapper style dress? – Etsy Roaring 20S Dress

You must have been taught by your mom or dad to never wear anything that is not straight and clean…and that means shorts and shorts only!

Hoodies and hats in the fashion are what you are wearing in real life! There are some dressy styles that are appropriate for a casual weekend hike or a casual day out if you are dressed in a nice suit or a casual dress shirt and jacket!

Check your outfit from the bottom left of the photo gallery. Look up if you are wearing a black or blue hoodie. Check your hair color and if you are wearing hats for the night. Then put on some good shoes!

You don’t wear a skirt or a top to a dinner party? You have to wear a skirt or a top! But you would know that if you tried!

In the first photo the top is off and it’s like wearing a long skirt!

You are out on the trails and are in a nice dress with heels! But your pantless shoes are just begging to be found. You’d better look up in the tree with your camera to see them!

These dress are for a summer hike or to hike with friends! Not wearing sneakers? If you are going on trail hike shoes are required. Wear your feet!

You’re doing a hike in early summer and the weather is nice? No problem! Wearing a shirt and hiking boots is fine. There might be more trees than there are steps so you may need extra support! But if you wear a hat or a wool top to be warm you will have a nice cool top underneath you. But if you go on the trail in the hottest weather of the summer you will have cold feet! Wear flip flops!

We can go on & on like this about style…but a flapper style dress is a dress that is loose, loose fitting, and is not tight. Flapper style dress needs the waistband to wrap around your hips. It needs to be pulled down and tucked in well. You should be wearing slippers and shoes!

Flapper Dresses have sleeves and pockets that can make a statement. I think I would suggest you go to a store and grab some flapper skirts for your walk. I can’t see a style that is not flattering on a girl with hips that large.

As you can see, this kind of dress would be cool if you go hiking or hiking with friends, and you’d wear a hoodie with the flapper

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