What is a flapper girl?

A flapper girl is when she is beautiful and smart and has the skills to wear that gown but also doesn’t. Flapper girls are people who look like they don’t belong or have less in their life. I am a flapper, because I am a woman who doesn’t give a shit if I am looked at as an object, or if I am called “glamorous” or not, so long as I look beautiful. I am also a woman who has never met a man who could ever relate to that. All these things are true of me, but I am also very aware that, being a woman, I am often defined by what I am not. Like every other “flapper”, I am a feminist. I am an angry, but well-spoken, strong-willed woman. It isn’t easy to be flapper, and it isn’t something that can be done overnight. I will never do it because it is not my career path. It isn’t something that I have achieved through my own efforts nor in my own terms. I am not a flapper because I like what I wear.

I don’t see the point of dressing like a flapper because I don’t want society to dictate the way someone should dress. This isn’t just about me wearing a dress, or how I want to look, or how men see me, or even how I feel. It is also a form of activism, because by choosing to dress in a way that reflects the “cool” girls (and boys) that the media is talking about (I’m looking at YOU) you are taking a stand. You are showing the world that women are capable of wearing pretty colors, not just wearing red lipstick and glitter. You are doing something, by dressing like a flapper without actually dressing in one.

I am so happy at the flappers’ movement (and a lot of women who are still “looking” for that movement as well – but mostly) because it is actually happening. You know, the ones who have been wearing skirts and not dresses.

The only thing that I think the “cool” girls are wrong about is the concept of a “girl’s night out”. I have met so many of our girl’s night out’s who think there should be a “girl’s party” and have never actually done anything.

I have heard so many comments that there is no way I, as a woman, or a person with a feminine identity could possibly wear that sort