What is a flapper girl? – Vintage Flapper Dresses Near Me For Kids

“You know, they’re girls in the ’70s or something. Girls that dressed as flappers and went and did all these crazy things.”

It’s a question I have heard many people asking me, so I thought it would be a good way to highlight how much I love these young women.

“I think they’re fabulous. Every girl should try flapper fashion, it’s the most glamorous thing to do. A flapper is just like a ballet dancer – you’ve got to look your best. You can’t mess up a good look and all these flappers do is mess it up!”

Image caption The designer at the centre of the story

Lydia also had an amazing idea about how to sell this new trend and asked the owner of an old school in Coventry for her idea. She got the same old school owner to make two dresses and put them front and centre of the sale.

The dress has two parts.

The front is a very big floral design and it is the only part of the dress where all the materials come together. Then the bottom of the dress is a very simple floral pattern which is sewn together and the lace. It’s also the most basic of all garments you can dress up and down.

Image caption The designer’s idea

As you can see on the original photo, the dress is very simple.

It was only when the second dress came out that Lydia realised that she wanted something more.

We can’t believe the amount of girls who would take all our advice and have that go into production.

I am sure these girls will never look back on this and never wear anything like this again.”

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