What is a flapper girl? – Flapper Plus Size Dresses For Women

A flapper girl, when she’s the hottest thing in the whole world, is somebody who looks a lot like me but is less hot. I don’t think I can imagine a less-hot girl.” And when you look at her and you’re like, “Wow, look at this girl,” you can see some of these contradictions and problems that come with women. I mean I don’t know anything who’s not a flapper girl, but let me say that, for the first time in my life, I can’t see someone who’s an adult, someone who’s not a flapper, a person who’s not a teenybopper, or whatever—I don’t think I’m ready for that, too, in general, to call them that, because I don’t think teenagers have that much fun at all. (Laughter.)

So you went to the University of Michigan; how did it all work?

I went to college because I’m pretty ambitious and I wanted to learn from more established, older, famous people. So when I first went to college, I was really looking to be in a position where I was going to get exposure to people I was already familiar with and could get to know that way more. So I went to Michigan because I wasn’t thinking about it—I was just going to go there. I mean, I’d come from my hometown and I was going to come to Michigan because I had some contacts in the college system. Not that I was really going on my own and trying to get into the system; I just wanted to get exposure to a different level of academics and things, but I just needed an avenue for that. And it didn’t take long for me to realize there was a different way. My mom was really hard on me when I came to school, and she was like, “You’re going to be a professional flapper and you’re not going to be able to buy that expensive cocktail dress or whatever else. It’s going to be too expensive.” And it took me a while to realize, “Oh, I’m going to have to just make it work.” So it took a lot of work—but now I have an opportunity to really get away from that, which is a great thing.

And you’ve already started that, right?

Yeah, so now it’s starting to turn into something and I feel like I’m very lucky to be in a situation where I get to work with people who are very supportive

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