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If you can find a photograph of the same band from the same era, it’s a pretty good indicator of a band’s identity. The one below is part of an album of the same style by a group called American Pills, who recorded in the 60s in New York. Look at how it’s structured, how bright it is!

The white dress is part of another of those photographs, but it’s a different one.

“Nocturnal Rites” is another band from the 70s/80s who had a very different style. In addition to the dress and band, they wore baggy denim jeans and boots.

But wait a minute… you know the band “Blind Marli” from the 80s? That’s one of the bands I included. It looked like a bunch of friends in black and white in this band photo from a while back.

“The White Trash” – a band that I love. They were a bunch of friends from the 80’s, a bunch of friends from the 90’s, and so on. I’ve been collecting records for a very long time. So you can imagine my shock when I found a 1980s interview with this band. Here’s a quote:

“We were a group that never really did anything, we did things together. We never really took off and we were always more of a group, more of a group of friends…and when you really get into it, it’s a whole different group of people,” – “The White Trash”

The band name is “Blind Marli”. The band name for “Nostalgia” was “Wormwood” and the band name “Suffragette City” was “I Love Lucy”. This all happened in a very short time.

The photo below shows a band called “Kerobod”. You can tell right away this band has gone by many names. It sounds different than many of their fellow bands, but it was in fact a different band. Here’s the back of it…

And here’s the front…

Here’s a little video about Kerobod:

Kerobod, as I said, were a bunch of friends from the 80’s. In another interview, the band is described as having “a group” mentality. Here’s a little quote from the interview:

We had more personalities on our own than other bands we’re known for.”

So the

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