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The men wore what is called the ‘crotch-patch’: A button-down black suit with a white button-down shirt and trousers, plus a white shirt and a black tie, and usually a bow tie. There are those who also say the women wore the same, except the bow tie was very low and the shirts were dark blue. For women, they wore a long blue shirt and a black skirt. They would also wear a black hat and black gloves.

But the men – as I noted in the last post, the only men who wore jackets were men – wore what is called the ‘long jacket’. That is a dark grey long coat with a white collar and a pair of long trousers which are usually made of dark blue cloth.

Women’s dress did not change in the 20th century, so far as I know. The difference was that back then – perhaps for the first time because now women were taking a larger role in everyday activities – they wore dark coloured clothes; now the reason is that so many other women are wearing colours in such large numbers that they have to wear dark clothes instead, which brings to mind an article in ‘History Of British Dress’ magazine:

A few years ago many readers sent me a long article from a magazine called ‘Chick Style’ on the rise of “modern” women’s clothes…

I would suggest that these articles show how women’s clothes have changed and are changing throughout the last century, both in appearance and fashion, and that the article should be regarded as a helpful and useful guide.

I could also add that there are numerous other examples of the style of the late 19th century at the Oxford English Dictionary. (A full list of Oxford’s references is at: http://www.oxforddictionary.com/terms/?term=london/index.html…


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