What did the flapper girl represent?

In this case, the flapper girl was a feminist, or more specifically, a champion of feminism — a “feminist feminist” (a term popularized by Betty Gossage) who was part of a nationwide feminist movement to promote the cause of women’s employment and liberation.

In a nutshell, the feminist movement was about liberating women from the bondage of being considered “feminine” or “submissive”. The flapper girl was simply that person who wasn’t submissive or “feminine” — she was a feminist.

A feminist feminist? Whoa. What’s a feminist feminist? Read in order as there’s no perfect definition as there is no way to measure femininity. The best way to understand a feminist is to simply view a flapper girl — one who was not sexually interested in the attention of men — as a feminist. Because the flapper girl was a feminist, she was free to have her own opinions — what she saw as being “normal” was a feminist opinion.

Because of that freedom, the flapper girl became a powerful advocate for women’s liberation. The feminist feminists of that time had a huge impact on American culture. The feminist movement was all about making sexual intercourse by the male population a non-issue.

Now let’s take a look at another flapper girl.

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Image Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

This iconic image is almost impossible to miss for any American who is a fan of pop culture. What makes her face so remarkable is that it is one of the few to have a feminine expression.

While that makes sense, it’s important to realize the face of this woman is not just her face. It is what we would consider the face of a woman — and she is not really a woman.

The fact of the matter is that we’re all girls with our feminine faces. While it’s rare to see this feature in modern-day women, the fact that it exists suggests that, at least in many western cultures, that is not exactly a controversial statement.

The point is that a face can be a “man” when it represents a man, but it can also be a “woman” when she represents a woman.

In fact, the most famous example of this is undoubtedly that of the infamous “Frozen.”

Image Courtesy of Disney

In Disney’s magical world, there are many beautiful women — but the face of Princess Anna represents all of them. The expression on her face is something