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And she certainly hadn’t any other name.

There was a time when a flapper girl’s dress wasn’t as important as the rest of her clothes. One of the reasons it was a flapper girl’s dress was because her dress could be changed just as easily without the owner having to pay any attention to the way it was made. All an owner had to do was wear the dress as a skirt over top of more casual dress.

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The reason that skirt was needed was because it protected the wearer from the sun. In fact, as any girl with even a dim and dimmer memory knows, it is possible to see the sun even under dark and harsh circumstances.

The skirt was made with several thin wires, so the wearer had to wear it under clothing. On top of this, the wearer didn’t have a lot of room to move. And if she tried to get out of her skirt, she would risk the very thing she sought out: sunlight.

This was why it was important for the skirt to be thin, but it didn’t matter what skirt. A high-waisted dress like “the one with the golden buttons” was more fitting than a low-waisted one like “the one you wore in third grade.” If they had bought a skirt for the middle age woman, they wouldn’t have gotten anywhere near the age of 30, so they did just fine just by going with the flow.

But today’s flapper girl had a different dress, and so she didn’t buy one to suit her. However, since a young girl’s clothing was supposed to change with what she ate, it was difficult just to go back to school later.

So the only thing the flapper girl didn’t have was a skirt.

But as her hair was always kept loose and her clothes never got tight, she could afford to spend a lot less money on her clothing in the past.

In fact, she bought a baggy, black dress with red trim, a red t-shirt, and a matching black hat because the outfit wouldn’t let her go out with a “budgie.”

But what should she do when she got home? What should she say to her parents?

Her parents were more than happy to have their daughter come home. It couldn’t be helped. The girl was about the same age as the parents’ daughters, so they couldn’t be too mad.

But as the older daughter was the “s

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