What did the flapper girl represent? – Flapper Dresses Denver

We know that as well as she did as a model. The flapper girl was the embodiment of the ideal woman. She didn’t have to work all those long hours, nor did she have to take orders from male friends for men to dress as their favourite woman. She didn’t have to be a housewife; she could be just anything (for all men).

How was the flapper’s dress made?

The fashion industry took up flappers’ fashion, and then they put their stamp on it, with their own distinctive style, their very own logo, for their products.

A woman wearing a flapper dress – that is a very British image. But was it also popular because of the fashion?

I suppose it depends what makes you feel like a woman. For some women it was about feeling like a woman. For others it was the feeling of being stylish, of feeling stylish. It had nothing to do with fashion.

In which time period did the flapper dress become the most popular?

I think that’s one of those questions it’s not really relevant to a modern day discussion. When we look back on women now, certainly in the 18th century, they would look like this and not feel like anything else.

Did you have any idea of the flapper dress being so popular?

There was a big competition among women to be the next Lady. It was so popular in the 1860s, before women really took charge of their own lives and were given the vote.

Were you a flapper?

No, I was married and had my own life, my own needs, and my own financial independence. I just liked spending time outdoors and watching nature.

Where and how did you get your idea of Lady Gussie – the flapper?

I was a teenager. My grandmother was a woman who didn’t have to work to be a woman. My family’s tradition is that my grandfather was called Ginnie, or Ginnie the Frog, and my mother was called Gussie (pronounced like the ‘e’ of a lady) and my sister Gail was called Ginnie. She’s been called various things during her life but they all mean the same thing, that’s what it means, not a female, no matter what her gender is. We’re all different people.

Did you have any close family members who were called Ginnie?

I was the only male. I’m

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