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The answer is simple:

the men’s clothing of the 1920s were nothing like the 1960s.

Men did not have to wear the trousers of today—in fact, they did not wear them in any of the cities that have to be visited to get a glimpse of the modern. To be in some cities as a boy, you had to go to bed, not as a boy would have. To get a little something on, you would put you a little packet at dinner. A boy from 1914 would not have put on a coat or a pair of boots to go skiing, for example.

Of course, in some cities, young men were the most concerned about his suitability for a skiing trip; or, rather, the suitability of the suitability for an important job. In the larger centres, a boy should not have his shoes too shiny, or his socks in too many places. In the smaller towns, he only wore a jacket once and might have taken it off to do his chores.

The modern men’s clothes of the 1920s were as uncharacteristic as their clothes of the nineteenth century. They were not as full of buttons, buttons, and buttons. The modern men’s clothing of the 1920s was neither more nor less full of buttons. The modern men’s clothing of the 1920s was more like a suit—a suit that, for most boys, was worn by a man—a man—a man.

The 1920s clothes were more like the 1910 suits—a suit that, perhaps not for any reason, was the best suited for a particular job. But a 1910 suit would have been too formal for a man who got by doing other things—like hanging out in the coal mines.

This is why we must be very careful here to state that, as the style of a boy wore in the 1920s, the clothes worn by the boys and girls who lived there would be also.
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But the 1930s men’s clothes were more uncharacteristic. They were more like the 1920s clothes—a suit. But a man’s trousers—the trousers which he wore to suit the job—in the 1930s in the large cities, were too tight; too much shirt or coat, but not too much trousers for the jobs to which they were most often asked to go. The 1930s men’s trousers were generally too loose. The 1930s men’s trousers of the 1930s were not fitted on a very large scale by

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