What did flappers symbolize? – Roaring 20S Flapper Dress Fringe

Well, let’s see. We have a number of different groups represented and different interpretations of their symbols. On either side of the river, you have the most important flapper group, the Sullivans. The Sullivans were famous for being very good dancers, having an unbelievable sense of rhythm – they would start out with a five-note movement and then, by holding on to a sixth note, then eight notes and, by the end of the movement, would have completed the movement with just three notes. And I really want to emphasize that, if you’re a Sullivan, you are actually a good dancer. The best dancers in the world – you know, in the dance world, not just the dance world – are Sullivans. So when the flappers were performing, many of them were at the Sullivans’ shows and they weren’t dancing around, they were running like crazy.

Also, they were pretty much a lot louder than regular dancers.

Yeah, very loud.

Were they at shows a lot more frequently? Were they there a lot more? I mean, did you guys go and see all of that?

Yeah. I used to go on about seven or eight shows a week, and there’d be about a thousand flappers and people dressed as flappers. We had a huge wall, in the corner of the stage, of stuff that was painted and flapped, or things that did the flapping and stuff. And there would be flappers there every show and just doing crazy things. And we would sit in the rows of seats and people would be trying to take flappy pictures of these amazing flappers or just watching flappers.

Wasn’t it weird, because it really looked like you’d like to go take a picture?

Well, it wasn’t really like that, because there were usually enough people that, if you took a picture of a flapper, it would have been like, 10,000–16,000 people in the seats. We had to make sure, every show, to make sure that there were at least 8,000 people who would see it. And, you know, if you took a picture of it, you’d be giving it away and no one would be able to enjoy the show.

But when I take photos of other dancers, they’re so excited, they’re so excited to capture it. They’re on their knees.

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