What colors were popular in the 70s? – White Flapper Dress

What did people do on the weekends? These were the things I didn’t know. The things I did know were more related to my kids.

How do you think the movie did in its first place? Was it critical to getting the movie made?

Well, I think the movie was a kind of surprise. I thought we would have had a lot more success had the movie been released years earlier. But I think the movie was a tremendous success, and we had great reviews for it, and there were other people who said it didn’t have the right message and it was a disappointment to the people on the street.

After the film finished shooting, did you have a chance to speak to John Kander, the lead actor, about your experience?

Yeah. I talked to him at the studio and I went out to lunch with him on his birthday – my first trip out of the studio – and we spoke to each other, he thanked me for the movie and said he was doing the best he could on the set.

I don’t think I ever saw Kander again. He never really saw the movie. Maybe he was scared it would fail. It didn’t, and it’s still remembered. The film was more successful for me. It’s important that people know that.

What was it like to meet the actor Paul Kradin?

It was great. He was real nice. We went over to his home for dinner, and by the end of dinner, the next day, I was meeting him again. I asked him to take the movie home, and that’s what we did the next weekend. The next day, I took Paul to the set of the movie, and we drove to the set. There, I got Paul to sign the film. I don’t think he was upset when I took him home. He still saw the film. My kids said “Dad, we’re going to make a movie.” But there was another kind of disappointment, I guess, in not seeing Paul in a movie with us that he was in.

Was it hard for you to let go of everything that had happened?

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It was really hard, because in my life I always had a big thing to do. I always had a new thing to do – with my family, with friends. So, it was always hard, but it was fun to get out of it.

You were also making a series of other movies, but did you ever

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