What colors were popular in the 1980’s?

Pink and purple are the most popular colors.

Which one of you prefers to live in the jungle?

I don’t know which one of us likes going to the jungle, but I would say it is me

Which one of you is most likely to drink more beer at midnight when you wake up?

I guess it is both the red guy and me

Do you take off your shirt every day while you work?

http://images.halloweencostumes.com/products/11361/1-2/black-gold ...

Do you take your underwear off, even when you are asleep?

Nope, I can see both sides of them

Do you ever take off your pants?

No, I have pants on to cover it up

Do you ever take off your shirt after sleeping?

Sometimes, for when I have to run to school

Have you ever had sex with another person?

No, no I haven’t

Did you get your face stuck in the wall of a bank?

I didn’t have to have sex in here, I was just in there for a bit

How long do you usually go naked?

I don’t know…maybe 5 minutes tops

Do you ever get hungry?

Not really

Are your children like your parents?

In a way

Can you be a woman or a man?

Of course I can be a woman and be like my husband

What is the worst thing you have ever seen during a movie?

The opening scene of Raiders Of The Lost Ark

Why was your hair dyed red?

It is a sign of the times, not the color

Which sex did you have last night?

I didn’t really do it last night, all the guys and I just started talking and stuff

What made you have your period?

It is a sign of the times

How many kids do you have?

Not very many, because I have 3 boys and a girl

Who is your favorite superhero?


Do you believe in karma?


Have you slept with more than one person?

Yes and none

Is there a woman in your life who you are not ready to sleep with?

Not that I know of

Did a woman tell you she was afraid of you?

Yes, but it happened so long ago it seems like I don’t remember anyone else