What colors were popular in the 1980’s? – Flapper Dress Accessories

A: White, blue, and gray

B: Purple, pink, and yellow

C: Yellow, green, red, orange, and white

D: White, blue, pink, and gray

E: Blue, pink, and red

F: Red, yellow, and purple

G: Blue, purple, green, and orange

Which colors did you find to be the worst? (i.e., “green” or “blue” colors)

A: White

B: Blue

C: Pink

D: Green

E: Gray

F: Purple

Which colors were used for the worst? (i.e., “purple” or “grey”)

A: Purple

B: Green

C: Red

D: Yellow

E: blue

F: Black

G: Red

Do you have a preference as to which colors were used on the poster for the 1980’s? (please explain your answer with as much detail as possible)

A: Pink

B: Blue

C: Grey

D: Yellow

Which colors were not used at all? (i.e., “purple” or “grey”)

A: Pink

B: Blue

C: Grey

D: Black

E: Yellow

Which types of poster do you have? (i.e., “poster with a picture, or poster with an alphabet”)

A: “poster with a picture”

B: “poster with an alphabet”

C: “poster without a description”

How much do you pay for your posters?

White Beaded 20s Reproduction Flapper Dress-1920s Style ...
A: $3.00 for a poster that is about 1 foot by 1 foot!

How many poster sizes does this poster come in?

A: 15 x 11 inch.

B: 15 x 10 foot.

C: 15 x 8 foot.

D: 15 x 6 foot.

E: 15 x 4 foot.

F: 15 x 2 foot.

G: 15 x 1 foot.

H: 11 x 10 inch

If you could print out a poster for this year and place it on your wall, which poster would you choose? (please explain your answer with as much detail as possible)

A: I would choose

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