What colors were popular in the 1920’s?

We don’t know because there was no way to quantify the popularity of color. But the majority of popular hues, from the darkest to the most colorful, were very conservative. This was true for both men’s and women’s clothing, as well as the color palette of children’s toys and games.

I have heard that the popular color in a 1920 clothing line was peach brown! Do you agree? What color was most likely to be seen in a child’s favorite product?

There was not enough information to make firm conclusions. This was a time of economic expansion and the rising popularity of home-style goods like sewing machines and paper mache. But most consumers tended to shop within the household and to buy from wholesalers. Even in the 1920’s the majority of manufacturers did not produce children’s clothing that was more than a few shades lighter in color than the basic fabrics of which it was made, because it would have been too expensive (for the time, at least) to produce lighter colors for more specific brands, including those for women.

The popularity of bright colors also varied tremendously depending on age group. The children, for whom the most bright colors had a very important place of honor and significance. The older children grew up, the children in the family were all wearing a variety of colors, and they were all used to having bright clothes.

A bright color that was quite popular in 1920’s was red, which still was very well worn in the 1930’s.

What popular colors were most common for the 1930’s? What did women wear in those years?

At least three or four colors were worn very regularly by both women and children. Red was the most common among women, and the most popular with children as well as adults. It has continued to be used for the remainder of the 1920’s, although it is now only a relatively slight minority of the popular colors.

Were there colors available in the 1930’s that were popular in the 1920s? What about the popular colors in the 1920’s, red, or some of the more popular colors in the 1930’s?

The 1930’s saw a significant change in the color palette. During this time period red and other red-orange hues became quite popular, with a few exceptions.

Some of the other recent trends to be seen in the 30’s and 40’s include:

Dramacolor, which was very popular with children, which became very popular with adults, making it