What colors were popular in the 1920’s? – Flapper Dress Pattern Simplicity

Well they were black and white. It was the only color available in the 1920’s. The color of paper used to make cards and coins, was yellow. Yellow is one of the oldest colors there is. Green and a little silver were the best for coins but they are hard to see on the white cards, so they are not as common.

What is the number of coins minted in a year? The coins in the US in a year is called a million. In the beginning there were just 1 million but then the first coins were added to the mint in 1933. This year (1933) minted 9.3 trillion coins.
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What is the minting year for the US Currency? This can vary every year and can be as high as a decade. The first mint in the US was named Washington DC in 1791. The minting date is stamped on the front of the coin or on the reverse image of the coin which says “Washington DC”. The mint year for US currency is determined by the last 5 of the numbers on the left side of the coin, starting from right to left, 5, 3 and 11. The numbsion on the center of the coin reads “D” for “Denver”, the mint number is the same as for US currency. There are 6 mints per county for the US, but there are also 5 mints with a combined mint population of 9.2 million. So there are a total of 9,372,976 coins for the whole country.

What is the most expensive coin for a dollar? The $20 dollar coin today is only 1 of 9 minted and the original one was worth about $1.95 or $3 in 1921. I have a coin from about 1935 that is worth well beyond $20. The best money I have ever owned in my life was a $10 gold coin. It was worth about $45!

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