What colors were popular in the 1920’s? – Casual Flapper Dress

(and if not, which ones were?), and how many do you think were the best?

If you are wondering “how many?” consider the following: –

1909: The first one

1909: 2nd one

1909: 7th one

1929: 2nd

1937: 1st

1939: 7th

1944: 1st

1949: 3rd

1959: 1st

1971: 7th

1979: 1st

1983: 1st

1985: 1st

1989: 2nd

1993: 1st

1993: 8th

1994: 1st

1995: 3rd

2000: 1st

2000: 8th

2001: 1st

2001: 1st

2002: 6th

2005: 1st

2006: 1st

2007: 1st

2009: 2nd

2011: 1st

2011: 3rd

2013: 1st

2015: 1st

2016: 2nd

2016: 4th

2017: 3rd

2018: 5th

The above question is more complex than you might think. You may recall that 1920s-1940s were particularly popular years (except for the WWII years), where you were more likely to see a specific color than a popular one. In addition, you are likely to see the first one you see, which is often the easiest to locate (you just have to look at it, after all).

In the last part, I will present the color theory used to determine the colors of the 1930’s-1940’s.

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