What color were flapper dresses? – Red Flapper Dress With Fringe Kids Opelika

White. In those days it was just considered vulgar and you wore plain clothes. You didn’t go out in flapper dresses until you were married, although in a lot of cities it’s very fashionable and you wear them everywhere. I loved flappers.

Did you live with your parents? Do your parents still live here in Brooklyn?
said they lived all over New York, but the neighborhood where I lived was very much down the street from the house where they lived, and the neighborhood where my mother lived was just south of their house. My family did not really live on that side of town. I just lived in a small house, which I still do today, on a small plot of land.

Where do you eat lunch at lunchtime?

I really like my Italian food. I like the sort of Italian neighborhood food that you can find in many Italian neighborhoods. My parents made lots of great spaghetti with tomatoes, and I would eat spaghetti with tomatoes, so that was very much like my parents’ cooking. Also my dad would make great stew, so we ate all the time. My father was great at teaching me to cook. He was a very good cook, very thorough in his knowledge. When I first lived with my parents, they would make wonderful pasta with tomato sauce.

Was there a time that you had very little or no money?

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I really wasn’t lucky. There was no money to go around. My parents, for example, had no money then, but they had my momma’s house, so they had good living. They knew how to cook all kinds of things. They cooked chicken and rice and everything.

Have you ever received any awards for your food?

No. I didn’t go to a formal school, like my parents did, to get any awards for my work, but they gave me awards for my cooking and good manners. And they also gave me money for my education, so it was a very good place to be, and one in which I was very productive.

Which celebrity would you like your children to learn from?

I would like them to learn from my momma. She’s brilliant and so nice to everybody. I think my dad is great. My momma is an amazing lady. She took me around and she taught me a lot about cooking. She showed me where to buy food and how to cook. We grew up on the good stuff, with lots of money, but good stuff

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