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Well before flappers, there was the lady with red lipstick.

When did the first flapper show up?

It might be a little earlier, though, as it appears that a variety of cultures were involved before the invention of the flapper. And we don’t know if the first women did or did not wear lipstick. The earliest record we have of it is of the Chasamouche, from the early 16th century in France.

Ach! What is the best way for someone to become a flapper?

First, it takes the guts to try. A flapper isn’t the easiest thing for a woman in the middle of a bad marriage to have to do. But a flapper is a pretty great way to make a living. Most flappers get a few years in a town and move somewhere else every decade, for the chance to make something of themselves.

Is it possible to become a flapper if you’re a man?

Probably. A few people have been to the flapper’s funeral every time I’ve been to New Haven. But I didn’t get to be one.

Why do you think flappers disappeared?

In my mind, flappers just aren’t very popular. I think it came about because some women tried to out fashion the flappers. So the flappers just disappeared, which was natural for the people that loved them.

Is that a good thing?

Yeah. Flappers made a lot of people happy.

How do real flappers look like?

They’re just crazy and you can’t really tell they aren’t like this. They don’t wear a lot of makeup or makeup at all, they don’t look like flappers.

How is their hair different from your average flapper?

Well, if it was up and down like a woman’s, a lot of ladies who were into the flapper thing, they had the straight up cut of flappers, but the women in the later flapper phase, like the 19th century, had the curly-up style of flappers. And I think it’s because they weren’t a little too confident about themselves. So it’s not only hair style, it’s also the hair. It’s not that a woman who is flapper has all these amazing locks, really. The real flappers have this really beautiful straight hair.
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But did flappers come with the flapper lifestyle?

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