What are 5 words to describe a flapper?

You’ll need to get up and run outside and do something exciting. And I’m sure if she’s dressed and well groomed she’ll be the first one to do just that and the other girls will do the same.

5. You won’t look at the ground after each move.

6. You’ll love your partner’s boobs (because they can get all round you!)

7. You could be in a relationship in less than a year. You’d be the king of the world and you’d love each other.

8. You’ll have sex like a champ. No waiting around for an orgasm to happen, just go for it!

9. You’ll want to know your partners’ secrets.

10. You’ll find a partner you love because of how cute their boobs are.

So where do you find gorgeous ladies like this? You only have to look at Victoria Secret to know what I mean.

How has she done it? Well, if it wasn’t for the hotness of her boobs then I’m sure that Victoria Secret’s customer service would not have been as good as it is! She’s a one hell of a flapper and I’m not sure that most women could manage to pull off those long-waisted and high-cut tops in the flesh though…

To find out what your girl looks like – click on the links in the picture to get your sexy lingerie shopping done. If they’ve changed the name or location of your favourite underwear shop, you can find it by clicking on the link below. Thanks to Nipsey Hussle and the Victoria Secret website for providing the girls with access to this product for these reviews.

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