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I would say if you’re a flapper you want to be charming/attractive/sexy/cool/smart/fun/sexy/cool.

Do you think a flapper will dress you?

Well you can’t go wrong with flapper dresses. They look amazing.

Are you happy or sad with your body right now?

I’m not too unhappy. As I said before, I love my body. I’m not unhappy. I love my body and if I don’t love my body I’m not happy.

What’s a flapper’s favorite thing about being a flapper?

I’m a huge fan of the art of being flapper! It’s always a blast to me. Plus I love seeing it in person! I love making my own stuff and then seeing my friends doing it and then being able to get something similar for free.

Are there clothes you love?

Yes I love pretty dresses, cute heels, and pretty accessories. I like to wear all new outfits a lot especially when I get dressed so I can take it in a different direction for the night.

Do you feel any pressure when you’re going out?

I feel no pressure. I feel like I’m my own person and I’m not tied down as a dancer or model.

How would you describe the lifestyle of a flapper?

As a flapper, all I do is get dressed. For me, going out is just a way of life. I love the freedom of being able to do whatever I want at any time, anywhere.

You mentioned you would have liked to go to the beach once. Do any of your friends do the same?

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I really wish I had known what I know now about being a model but I did know about traveling and I always wanted to travel to new places but I never really knew what the cost involved would be.

Can you tell us about your style?

I like to wear dresses and a lot of heels. I like to play with my hair and do different hairstyles. We also do a lot of makeup and are passionate about makeup.

What are 3 words to describe a flapper?


Do you think a flapper will dress you?

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