Was the flapper a feminist?

No! But if you were a flapper back in the day — a flappie who was actually cool and fun — you definitely could have been a feminist. So what’s the difference? In a word: money.

The flip side of being a flapper in the 19th.

Flapper culture is different than the modern kind, which dates from the middle of the 20th century, as defined by the International Symbol Organization. There is no rulebook for which flapper is which, no set of rituals, but everyone’s style is a matter of taste and personal aesthetic. A flapper girl, in other words, may be a beautiful woman with curly hair who dresses smartly, but just because she dresses smartly doesn’t mean she looks like a feminist. (The answer is: probably not. To be fair, most modern models might look like they look today, but if you went to a fashion show in 1913, there would be no girls wearing pink with brown hair or black with pink, or dresses with silver detailing and dresses with bow ties.)

As for the word itself, it derives from the French flambe, which in turn comes from the Old French word for “fluttering.” It’s also the title of the first two books in the classic French novel by Pierre Berton called “The Little Princess.” You never know, you might find out.
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In this context, not only was the flappie pretty in 1915, it was pretty in 1915.

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The shooting happened at 8:14 a.m. at the complex at 1301 W. 17th St. near the campus of the University of Maryland, police Capt. Mark S. Farrand said at a news conference Saturday.

Two men were shot, one in the hand and the other shot in the leg, Farrand said.

Police have not released the identities of the victims. Police said the shooting happened in an apartment complex near the University of Maryland campus, with witnesses telling police they heard some sort of argument.

Farrand said it is not known if the woman and man were trying to break up a fight or to fight with their friends or, instead, to get away.

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