Was the flapper a feminist?

Yes. There is a difference.

Did the flapper have power?

No, she had little and little power. The flapper was one of those women who went through her whole life and only a few things really mattered to her. You know, she didn’t care about her clothes, or her beauty, or whatever. She didn’t think that her beauty was a product of her life, or maybe even the life she had lived; she just thought her look was important. That was her thing. Now you’re probably seeing a lot of pictures of this guy named Grace Kelly who has the most extraordinary looking women, but he’s a poor man trying to make it as a waiter. He’s always had his hair done and everything, all the right clothes, the right furniture, you know, the right place to live, and the women who have nothing in life, are all this beauty. And that just shows you there’s still something wrong with society and about women if they can get away with it, and it always ends with misery. She was miserable.

And how many hours did a flapper have?

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Well, not very many hours. She was an artist, but she didn’t work all her life. She couldn’t really do that. She had to have time, but it was not going to be long. She just couldn’t sustain it. And in order to sustain it, she had to be out and working and earning money every day on the streets. And it really was only at the end of her life that she got paid for it. She would just have to go shopping and get her things that day. But it was only after she was out on the street and earning the money that she would take down a picture and put up a line in a magazine.

Did the flapper take any risks?

Of course she did. If you remember the first two times we saw her in her gown, she walked all right and didn’t care how she was going to look. She just went to work. It wasn’t until quite later that she made a little investment in her hair so she could do what she wanted to do.

So she had a lot of control over her wardrobe?

No, she didn’t. That was the thing about her: she didn’t have to pay any attention to anything because she was not thinking about it in that way. She just went to work and went to bed, and it was a little thing