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Where did the women of the day get their ideas for their outfits? Why were flappers so different from the other women in the same position?

The women of the Victorian era were different from the women of the twentieth century. They wore skirts, dresses, silk stockings and high shoes, but the most significant difference was that they were all born in 19th-century England on the south coast of England. The women in England in the first half of the 19th century wore skirts on the streets to cover their legs, but they also wanted to be part of the British Empire in 1851. That was when the “red shoes” trend came about. It was a fashion trend because women of the day still saw skirts as symbols of the British Empire and thought that these were fashionable in the Victorian era. As a result, the red dress became popular.

At a time when women were trying to do the “right thing,” the Victorian women were trying to do what men believed women should do: express their feminine side, dress for the occasion. When women wore blue and white dresses it was to show that they were not the typical Victorian lady, but they were also trying to be the women they thought others wanted to meet.

The women from our society had been in many of the same situations during the years of the Victorian era as the other women: working men with little money were living in small rented houses, and most women lived in homes full of children, and had to work long hours. Women were constantly facing the same problems as men: when women married men of lower status they would have to have their own child, which led to more fights and more division. Women’s dress reflected their sense of being a part of British society and was a symbol of British values.

After they moved to Scotland
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The women who worked in the mills and factories in Glasgow were in much better financial circumstances than the other women in society because all the children in Glasgow were boys. The mothers who worked in the mills and factories were in much better financial circumstances than the other mothers of the women at Harrow or in Aberdeen.

During the Victorian era there were many different types of women. The girls were at their most attractive at around their early teens and there was a high incidence of “girls’ toys”–toys with sharp edges, and long hair that did not fall neatly down the front. The girls who went to Harrow had their hair pulled back, their skirts long and their shoes shiny. But that

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