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The average flapper costs about $40,000.

The cost of a flush toilet

Your toilet flipper may cost you $1,000 to $3,000. However, a flush toilet flapper that needs to flush up to 20 times a day can set you back another $100,000.

Where can flappers get the flapper parts?

You can buy flappers in stores like Target, Walmart or Best Buy.

The flapper needs to be installed, cleaned, polished, lasered, lubricated, tested and soldered. A flapper may be purchased in a few parts — an electrical connector, an electrical conductor and an electric blade — at a single shop.

A flapper needs to be assembled before sale. You will need a soldering iron – and lots of it — a soldering station, a soldering iron with a flat blade, a soldering iron set with a flat-bottom end, an industrial sized drill press and lots of solder — and some good scissors, an awl and lots of thread. If you can’t use a soldering iron with a flat-bottomed end, you’ll need a power drill with a flat-bottom end. Many flappers make it possible to do the soldering in a single hand. If you have an electric drill with a flat-bottomed end, you’ll need a soldering iron with a drill press.

The flapper soldered on the front side may require a little practice. It’s worth the time; every time you solder a flapper, the flapper flops back and forth slightly. You may be able to get away with a few mistakes. However, you’ll need more than 50 soldering “flops.”

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You can buy flapper body parts at many stores, such as Home Depot, or at flea markets, such as Target, Best Buy or Lowes. Many “boutique” flappers are out of stock; these flappers are usually for sale at hardware stores or at specialty thrift store.

A flapper that needs to be wired may

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