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What is the average cost of using a regular flush toilet??

There are different prices given for flush only and regular flush toilet as different items will require different amounts of cleaning: regular flush toilet: $14.94

flush only toilet: $14.94

regular flapper toilet: $14.94 – $44.95

regular flapper toilet plus cleaning: $21.95

regular flush toilet plus cleaning plus cleaning: $29 .95

flutist toilet: $29 .95

Regular flapper toilet is about as simple as a normal toilet. You have to hold on to something to prevent the toilet from over running so you can use it. It just doesn’t require any special tools or anything as you don’t just stick it in the hole. It will just flush if it is full of water.

This is a very common design of toilet with the only downside being that flushing is a little harder than it looks.

Regular flapper (flush only) toilets are really useful as they don’t need any special tools like you can in a regular flush toilet.

What if you have one of these old ones?

If you have older flappers you don’t need to go out and get a new one – it is actually not a difficult process. Simply replace the flapper as it will still flush.

Please note that the flapper is designed to be flushed down but doesn’t work well as a flappy – it will just flush if full of water.

For example, if you have a regular flush toilet I wouldn’t recommend using one on a regular trip so I’ll give you my advice: if a trip is taking longer than usual and/ or you know that you have a problem with a problem, simply replace the flapper.

For more information about replacing the flapper please see our flapper replacement pages. Or read our pages on flap on a regular trip and flapper on a regular trip.

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