How much does a toilet flapper cost? – 1920 Flapper Dress Up

A toilet flapper is expensive to buy, and you can’t just go online and buy one. It all depends on how much you pay. It depends on the size and how wide and smooth the flapper is.

For example, in the US one standard length flapper costs $13. It is 4 inches wide and 3.5 inches long. If you buy it at a local dollar store, it could cost you $15 plus shipping or they could give you a deal on a larger size, which cost about $10. But in most countries it costs about 10 times as much.

If someone buys a larger flapper, it might cost up to $100 on average.

In the UK it costs £11.99 for a standard length, £29 for the same size on a flapper.

In Australia it is more expensive.

What can you do yourself? Are there things you can do besides buying a product and trying it?

Most of us have purchased some kind of appliance at least once or twice. It takes quite a bit of thinking about what kind of toilet flapper to buy.

Sometimes there are great deals on flapper, but you will need to read the online prices. That can be helpful.

One tip: When in doubt, go to a gas station and ask the staff to give you the most expensive gas price (as opposed to the cheapest gas price); that way you can easily pick a good one.

It is also possible to buy a good sized toilet flapper, a toilet seat, a bath tub or one of a large range of other toilet accessories, as you can see with the image below of the flapper I am currently working on.

The images also show the flapper size and the type of flapper. Check the picture if you have trouble in figuring the size of the flapper you want.

This photo was published with permission of and is used here with the author’s permission.

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