How do you make a flapper dress out of at shirt?


A: What do you think? If a lady would like to wear a high neck turtleneck, then I would wear those. This is one of those things for me where we had something, it was like a fad, and then one day, we have it available for everyone. That’s why I would like to make another one, you know?

Q: When will we be able to see The Dressmaker?

A: One day. Right now, it’s still not a reality of doing this. The dress was so popular that they made several dresses that people in China were wearing. But in reality, you can not make one or two. If it went through this big, then someone would like to buy one, and we’ll keep it as a special item. It would be good to see if the internet comes up with a more popular dress.

Q: How long does it take to make a Flapper dress?

A: It starts from sewing the main body, and after sewing the collar, that happens within two or three days. After sewing the body, they have to go to the mill, and then we send the raw silk to the cloth. I think it takes about 16 or 17 months to make the dress.

Q: When are you going to release it overseas?

A: It will be released soon. The main body, a lot of clothes made before Chinese New Year, will be made by me. Then for the collar, the one I worked for, I will make it by myself too. I don’t work with any others for this. I make everything for myself.

Q: When will you have the ability to change the size or shape of a piece of clothing?

A: Once the clothing is made we can make changes to make it smaller or bigger. You cannot modify.

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