How do you make a flapper dress out of at shirt? – Black And White Gatsby Dress

I do it the easy way.

So how about a dress that was made by the person that actually made the shirt from a fabric you stole? Would you wear it? Would you go out there with it? Would you dress it up like you did in class? Do you keep any of that kind of stuff up in your closet?

I do. I have one of these dresses.

(She holds out a shirt in front of me, then returns to the discussion.)

Can you have a dress made from a cloth you stole?

No. I have another one made from a cloth.

I’m glad! Because I was afraid you were going to wear it.

I’m not going to wear it, but what else am I going to wear? We only have a few clothes left, and I wanted that dress that you got from me.

What? Where is that you are talking about?

The one I got.

You stole that?


I feel like you are playing games with me.

No! I mean you stole a cloth. You were just going around saying that I stole this. I was just trying to get you to admit that you got one too. I’m just going to pretend it wasn’t yours. I have enough trouble trying to explain why I stole a dress.

No. The next thing that comes to mind is that you were just going around saying it was mine and I was stealing it. But that doesn’t make any reason to steal it.

Let me tell you why. You took it of me in a very nice and proper way. I thought you were going to steal it back. I thought you were going to go around saying you stole it. I thought you were going to go ahead and take it back from me and give it back to you.

There you are, looking over your shoulder, watching me.

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Did I steal a dress?! There is no way I stole a dress you stole. I have already stolen something. I am going to steal something now.

You are going to take the dress off me.

No, I am going to steal it.

Well, I know it.

So who is going to steal it from me?

Will do.

I would think that is what you were after, the dress. If you could find one.

(She leaves to

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