How do you make a flapper dress out of at shirt?

I cut my dress at a few different points in the sleeve and the waist. I cut them all in the same direction, so I cut from the inside of the sleeve to the outside of the collar. Then I cut the neckline from the outside of the neckline. And then I started on the back of the dress.

How thick is the fabric of dress dress?

It depends on the size of the dress. For the size 34R I made a dress skirt in my size, and then cut them down to size 36. The material is really thin and it stays very stiff.

What is the process of sewing dresses made out of at shirt?

I sew the dresses from the inside to the outside. I can not sew on the lining. I make a slit where the dress will touch the sleeve and sew the lining there. After that I cut the outside lining with a scissors and sew it on the back of the dress.

What is the process of sewing dresses made from at shirt?
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I make it from the inside to the outside in my size. Then I sew the lining with a zipper.

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