How do you dress like the 1920s? – 1920 Costumes Male

I started with just a lot of denim and a great button-down shirt. By that point, I was wearing a great, wide-collared shirt. Now, I can usually find some in men’s sizes if I am in an area that sells men’s shirts. I found a good, good, new Levi’s shirt to try to dress like a woman and it has a nice, broad, classic-cut look. It’s all about texture and shape and color.

I also use a lot of floral prints but the most comfortable ones are all floral-print. The floral looks good on me as a woman but it looks amazing as a woman in jeans!

I’d like to know what’s been your favorite piece of clothing of 2013 so far?

The two things I’ve been loving the most since the holidays are my jeans, and my wedding dress. I wore my dress for the ceremony and just about every place I went, it got so warm. The last day after I married in New York, I had to put on these dress pants. I thought it was so comfortable and they made me feel so cool all day. I always have to wear those dresses on the beach.

The wedding dress was so beautiful. I couldn’t believe how great it looked. I just wanted to wear it. She looked just perfect, in the color she wanted, for my wedding.

What do you want us to know about you with regards to your fashion choices?

I like to see my clothes as a symbol. It’s a great way to be yourself, and my clothes are just symbols of what I like. It’s all about expressing who I am. I like to live in a bubble. I like to be very comfortable and pretty when I am in my bubble. That’s why I love my outfits. I like wearing really, really nice things to be beautiful.

Photos by Toni L. S. Smith.

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