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Take a trip to Venice, or the Isle of the Dead? Get a manicure and pedicure, or take an online hair-removal test. You’ll want to do all of these, because they’re all ways to show you’re not just the best in your field, but the best of all time. If you want to get even more stylish, take a day off from your job and do one of these things.

1. A Hint to Your Genre of Career

Some career paths are best for certain professions that require you to think about things in a different way. For example, you may be ideal for a salesperson but it doesn’t hurt to try a career in a design-oriented one, like fashion.

You’re also more than likely to find you’re more than adequate to the work if you play a game called “Do You Need a Bigger Brain?” The game asks players to answer “yes” or “no” to the question, “Is a 20-year-old really a career-oriented career prospect?” You may not know the answer from the questionnaire, but you certainly do know exactly how young a gamer you are, do you not?

The game is a bit tricky, because a 20-year-old isn’t necessarily a career-oriented one. But the right answer probably answers the question about whether you want to play a game about what it takes to get a 20-year-old into the real world of work.

How do you think you’ve handled that question so far?

2. How to Make a Career Out of Your Love of Food
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Have you ever felt as though cooking is too solitary activity? It’s a skill that only you know how to do it, with a focus on recipes. And if so, you’ve made sure that you’re not only the best at that skill, but that it’s something you do together — with family. You should be able to make a very successful career out of it.

But you don’t necessarily have to do that alone, and you certainly can’t spend your free time at the kitchen table. If you work a lot of hours at your kitchen table, you’ll be taking a lot of meals to work. It’s fine to leave the kitchen to do other things at home, like washing dishes for lunch or putting dinner on the table. But you might want to consider a bit of a split-activity arrangement with a fellow cook or someone who can work

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