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In a news conference announcing the suspension of the government for five days, the governor said the suspension was based on the state of the public interest, and that it had been done before because of the nature of the case.

“This particular violation was the result of a deliberate effort to frustrate a judicial finding by the Court of Appeals which ruled against the state, and it’s a serious matter that should be dealt with,” he said, adding that the state would appeal.

The governor also said that the ruling “does not constitute a precedent that should be followed by others and there are going to be more instances of the same behavior to come.”

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Under state law, the president may remove judges for “violations of the judicial oath, including failure to perform their judicial or other statutory duties adequately,” and this authority is vested in the governor, with limited exceptions.

But the decision to suspend the judge has stirred passions in the legislature, with legislators voicing concern about the ruling to a news conference outside the governor’s building.

“I think it’s a disgrace that a state judge should be in jail for five days because of something that happened at the courthouse,” said state Rep. Jeff Giesbrecht, whose district includes the courthouse. “This was a blatant attempt by the state, on a federal judge, to block and slow down the court system.”

The governor was flanked by other Republican leaders, but did not say who would replace Wagenmann on the bench.

“It is a bad day for Texas,” said Senate President Bill Schuette, R-Laredo. “The Senate will stand by Judge Wagenmann as she defends her integrity and her integrity as judge.”

But Gov. Greg Abbot, a Republican, said that no other Texas judge had been removed on federal court orders — a legal principle known as a “subpoena” — before.

“While I was not present during or authorized by the court to make such an announcement, Judge Wagenmann remains committed to being a fair and impartial judge,” he said.

The House last week passed a similar measure, which was signed by Abbott. The bill also removed former state Supreme Court Justice Joan Brockmeyer, a conservative who ruled this year against the government.


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