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[laughs] Well, the good news is that they can just keep their long ponytails all the way to the side, and it’s a pretty good look.

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They made him feel like a second man – but a man in his 90s has told how he was made into an all-too-familiar sex slave by a German police officer as part of his sick fascination.

Gruesome details of the story emerged today as police reveal they have launched an investigation over claims that a British-born police captain who made the child abuse victim ‘sex slave’ for 20 years sexually abused thousands of other women.

The man, who wanted to remain anonymous, claims that he only spoke out after seeing the allegations against the disgraced former commanding officer in their original form.

But the allegations against the officer, now in prison, have emerged just weeks after three officers were investigated over child sex rings in Germany .

His chilling allegations are being investigated by more than a dozen police forces around the world.

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The man, who was a former captain of an elite Special Protection Squad in Hesse, Germany, told The Sun that he and his colleague became addicted to sex slavery after serving in a number of high-risk roles.

He revealed that as part of his work they were “tasked ‘hundreds of rapes'”.

The police captain in question, an experienced sex criminal, was known around the army for his sexual advances , he said, adding: “We would sometimes go out and try to see who was going to have sex with whom – sometimes we would get arrested ourselves for it.

“A lot of times I was asked to make a girl drink vodka and make them do sex with us. We had a lot of sex, but no-one would believe us the rest of the time.

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“You could call up an old boss and ask him how it worked and he would tell you, of course, but then you’d say something like ‘I didn’t do that’. I did not know what sex was. My job was to stop people doing anything dangerous.”

But now the man has described how he had to work with a fellow officer to force his former partner,

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