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There are several methods for doing finger waves in short hair because finger waves in the hair follicle are the same for all hair types and hair lengths.

There are three basic methods for a finger wave in short hair.

Finger tip extensions Finger-tip extensions that extend into the rest of the hair. This has been done for many years for those that have larger hair lengths. Many users are happy with this method because more of the hair fibers are attached in the extension rather than stretching from the hair shaft down to the hairline.

Finger tips with comb The same method as the above, except the method uses a comb rather than fingers.

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The two-tailed method. Finger waves are always two-tailed or single. This makes things easier for users if you are going to try for the two-tailed method on your own. If you are not comfortable doing it on your own, you can do your double-tailed extensions or double-tip extensions. But I usually only do the two-tailed method and usually I don’t use any extensions at all.

Fiber types Finger waves are made up of short hair fibers. Here is the typical three-fingered hand wave in short hair. In addition to all the hair fibers going in one direction, there are also some smaller fibers going sideways. A hair follicle is a single-cell structure, not a bundle of cells. Hair follicles are made up of one cell. When hair is cut, the strands tend to curl out and out of one another and can form knots, strands or curls that cannot be tied. A few strands may remain, however, which form small areas of extra length to create a more even strand at the hairline. Fingers can be made different lengths depending on the length of the hair, but the one that is worn most often is typically the shorter length compared to the others.

A few tips for your method. Because finger waves go from the hair shaft upward, the method is not as effective at styling hair that is very thick or long. For that reason, I tend to make a few extensions for each finger with each finger for short hair because the fingers tend to be longer and I can’t usually keep my fingers from being twisted. Most users with the one-tailed method will also need a comb to separate the strands. When using the three-fingered method, you will be pulling the tips upward into the hair.


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