How did the flapper changed women’s roles? – Kids White Flapper Dress Costume

“I think the way they handled their bodies affected women. When our ancestors migrated out, a lot of them didn’t have access to the tools we have today. So many of the things that our culture today values like the independence, the independent thought, women were not able to have that. They couldn’t go about their lives that way.”

Does she think women need to be more independent and more free-spirited?

“I think women need to be bolder in how they express their feelings. The thing about being an artist in your twenties is you always have to fight for what you feel. I am really passionate about this. I do everything I can to push my body in the best possible directions to allow my body to be as healthy as possible…to be strong for who I am as an artist – the kind of warrior that I am. I have a lot of respect for my body and my body is as healthy as I have ever been. I would want to feel that all my life or at least the majority of my life.”

What is the best thing she is doing or has been doing over the past few weeks?

“First of all, I am very proud of our women’s march last weekend. I have worked at the forefront of this for over ten years. I worked at Standing Rock Sioux Reservation, fighting in the 1980’s against the Dakota Access Pipeline. I have worked with women in their youth to develop self-defense classes throughout this country. I’m a survivor – I’ve lost people to sexual assault. My sister has had a sexual assault happen to her. A friend lost her son to leukemia in the past few days. All these things show how our world is changing. So I am really proud that we showed up at the Women’s March. Now I am really looking forward to seeing what the administration will do to the environment, energy independence, and everything else. I want to make sure my daughters learn how to be able to take care of their own health.”

How long have you been a feminist?

“I was a feminist long before I was an activist. Women have always had something to contribute, whether it’s through our minds, bodies, or the natural world. So my feminist views have been around my whole life. But now I think I’ve found my voice. I am really passionate about the issues and that’s why I am an activist.”

Are you a woman whose gender is different, or perhaps different from your

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