How did flappers get their name? – 1930S Dress

The origin of flappers is a mystery. It actually has something to do with the name “flapp.” In 1845, an Englishman named Charles Dickens and a Russian-American named Alexander Bogdanovich suggested it while visiting the island of Florida (today called Florida, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater in the USA).

Flapper was first used in print in 1848 as part of an 1849 issue of the Magazine of the Spanish American War.

The origins of the name may also relate to the flapper’s habit of dancing and flirting while standing on one knee, as opposed to on both legs – as in a “flapping skirt” – in the style of Japanese-style kimono (or “kimono-shoes”). The word is often abbreviated to flapper because they are considered especially flirty.

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The White House has released draft guidelines intended to curb “online abuse” of its website.

The guidelines were requested by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), which oversees a broad range of federal policies, and obtained by Politico Magazine.

Among the recommendations: “Establish a process to verify that content posted on the website is consistent with OMB regulations.”


The guidelines also call for new rules around “online harassment,” which some say has grown significantly in recent weeks.

The OMB also recommends that the federal government “address cyberbullying, as well as other forms of online abuse.”

“The United States has been a leader internationally in addressing the scourge of online violence,” the guidance states. “For example, more than 200 states have enacted laws to protect against the online abuse of victims of cyberbullying.”

The guidance also acknowledges the importance of “the role played by social media” in “undermining the civil discourse of our time, often in a manner harmful to those with whom they interact.”

The guidelines, according to Politico, could also help OMB in other efforts, including “identifying cyberthreats and vulnerabilities.”

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