How did flappers express their freedom? – Retro Stage Reviews

It’s simple. The first thing was the music.

That’s it?

That’s what they wrote down. They started singing in their bars. They started drinking, and they started writing, and they started dancing, and they started dressing, and, like they say in the movies, “They woke up and they said, ‘I never want to sing, I never want to dance’ ” – because that’s how it started!

Why did the first flappers be so bold?

Well, you know, when they get up in the morning they can’t get up right.

If you can’t keep all your dreams alive, what’s the point?

Well, because the end of the day you don’t have to worry about anything. You get a little rest, and you get ready to start your day.

And then you get there, and you start to get into this rhythm, and then you think, “Maybe there’s a way to do this better .”

It’s like that movie “The King and I”.

Why did they think it?

Well, because the king’s not the star anymore, and all those people got bigger stars than him, so he’s still just trying to do it with all these other people. It’s kind of like all this stuff. It works as long as people stay open to it and try new things.

What else did they do?

They started to get a little mad a lot. A lot of things have changed, and a lot of people had to change, but they got mad about a lot of things, and they got mad as hell.

Did you know there were women flappers before you?

1920s Flapper Woman Posing Hand On Hip Holding String Of ...
No, there weren’t. They were flapping women. Not all. But a lot of them were. Some were from Germany, but most were from Italy. Sometimes they were from England or Ireland, and they were called English flappers. They would flapper in church or outside. It was very kind of fun. They would flapper like this…


Well, because you have to keep your arms and your legs, you know. They were like a little monkey or a little rabbit. We’ve made you a little monkey… [laughs]

Was there a big difference between the German flappers and the Italian flappers?

The Italian flappers had more control of their bodies than the Germans did.

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